Child Safety Information

When purchasing a Roman Blind from Alison Campbell or a Children's Roman Blind you can be assured that you will receive a blind that is Child Safe

We have two Roman Blind Rail Systems available the  Rotary System and the Cord Lock System .

All of our Roman Blinds come with Breakaway Safety Toggles.  The string of the Roman Blind then passes through the Safety Toggle. 

If 6kg of weight (the weight of an average 4 month old child)  is applied to the string the Safety Toggle will release and the string will hang free causing no hazardous

loops.  The Toggle will remain on the blind to avoid any choking hazard.

Child Safety Toggle

Rotary Rail System


The Rotary Rail system is as photographed below where it is operated by a chain be it white or chrome.  The chain is secured to the recess or wall with a P Clip as shown below.  The chain runs through the P Clip to ensure the loop of the chain is not loose. 

When ordering a Roman Blind you are asked for a measurement from floor to top of the blind this is to ensure that the bottom of the chain supplied is at least 150cm from the floor.  The chain should always be secured with the P Clip supplied.

Rotary Rail and P Clip


Cord Lock System

Cord Lock Safety

The Cord Lock System is as photographed above and is operated by keeping the correct tension on the strings when raising and lowering the Roman Blind

The cord snappers shown above will breakaway individually if 6kg of weight (the weight of an average 4 month old child) is applied to the strings hence preventing hazardous loops.

When the Roman Blind is raised the strings are secured around a cleat as pictured below, at a height of over 150cm from the floor to ensure the cords are safely out of the reach of a child.